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Who am I ?

My background

I'm  a retired senior living in San Diego, Calif.  Spent my whole life working and enjoying life, especially w/family.   

I've worked in; Aerospace manufacturing, Telecommunication, and the Restaurant business.

I enjoy traveling, 

RVing, camping, Photography.

Why Health became so important.

Now that I had all the time in world and grandkids to play with, I found I wasn't physically able. I was stilll just a 'kid' mentally, but my body kept reminding me I wasn't.  

My health became my number one priority so I could start to really enjoy life.  I started with the basics; Diet and Excercise.  But, because of 

physical limitations; previous injuries, numerous operations to repair body damage, it wasn't enough.  This is when I discovered how important  'Water' is to your overall health. 

My approach

I have always know that drinking plenty of water daily was important, but did not understand that the kind of water was even more so.

This is when I discovered ' Kangen Water'.

Kangen Water  is a complete system. Not only does your body benefit greatlty, numerous other benefits come from multiple uses of this water.

You drink it, you cook with, Clean with it, even use it for skin beautification.


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